"Black Hair"

A poor samurai who divorces his
true love to marry for money, but
finds the marriage disastrous and
returns to his old wife, only to
discover something eerie about
Kaidan (aka Kwaidan) (1964)

directed by Masaki Kobayashi

This classic Japanese horror anthology contains four separate stories.
"The Woman in the Snow"

Stranded in a snowstorm, a
woodcutter meets an icy spirit in
the form of a woman spares his life
on the condition that he never tell
anyone about her. A decade later
he forgets his promise.
"Hoichi the Earless"

Hoichi is a blind musician, living in
a monastery who sings so well that
a ghostly imperial court commands
him to perform the epic ballad of
their death battle for them. But the
ghosts are draining away his life,
and the monks set out to protect
him by writing a holy mantra over
his body to make him invisible to
the ghosts. But they've forgotten
"In a Cup of Tea"

A writer tells the story of a man
who keep seeing a mysterious
face reflected in his cup of tea.
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