Caught Stealing by Charlie Huston
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The Hank Thompson Trilogy

A series of three pulp noir books written by American author Charlie Huston.

Caught Stealing

Six Bad Things

A Dangerous Man

You can read each each book online below, as hosted on Scribd.
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Caught Stealing

It’s three thousand miles from the green fields of glory, where Henry “call me Hank” Thompson once played California
baseball, to the Lower East Side of Manhattan, where the tenements are old, the rents are high, and the drunks are
dirty. But now Hank is here, working as a bartender and taking care of a cat named Bud who is surely going to get him
It begins when Hank’s neighbor, Russ, has to leave town in a rush and hands over Bud in a carrier. But it isn’t until two
Russians in tracksuits drag Hank over the bar at the joint where he works and beat him to a pulp that he starts to get
the idea: Someone wants something from him. He just doesn’t know what it is, where it is, or how to make them
understand he doesn’t have it.
Within twenty-four hours Hank is running over rooftops, swinging his old aluminum bat for the sweet spot of a guy’s
head, playing hide and seek with the NYPD, riding the subway with a dead man at his side, and counting a whole lot of
cash on a concrete floor.
All because of two cowboys, two Russian mafia men, and some of the weirdest goons ever assembled in one place. All
because of Bud. All because once, in another life, in another world, the only thing Hank wanted was to take third base—
without getting caught.
Six Bad Things

Hank Thompson is living off the map in Mexico with a bagful of cash that the Russian mafia wants back and many,
many secrets. So when a Russian backpacker shows up in town asking questions, Hank tries to play it cool. But he
knows the jig is up when the backpacker mentions the money ... and the family Hank left behind. Suddenly Hank's in a
desperate race to get to his parents in California before anyone can harm them. Along the way he'll face Federales
and Border Patrol, mafiosi and vigilantes, extortionists and drug dealers, and a couple of psychotic surf bums with an
ax to grind. From the golden beaches of the Yucatan to the seedy strip clubs of Vegas, Charlie Huston opens a door
to the squalid underworld of crime and corruption - and invites the reader to live it in the extreme.
Six Bad Things by Charlie Huston
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A Dangerous Man

Reluctant hitman Henry Thompson has fallen on hard times. His grip on life is disintegrating, his pistol hand shaking,
his body pinned to his living room couch by painkillers–and his boss, Russian mobster David Dolokhov, isn’t happy
about any of it. So Henry is surprised when he’s handed a new assignment: keep tabs on a minor league baseball star
named Miguel Arenas.

Henry has no pity for the slugger and the wicked gambling problem that got him in trouble, but he can’t help liking the
guy. After all, Henry used to be just like him: a natural-born ball player with a bright future. But hell, that was long ago.
Before Henry did some guy a favor and ended up running for his life. Before his girlfriend and buddies got gunned
down by someone on his tail. Before he agreed to buy his parents’ safety with a life of violence.

And when Miguel gets drafted by the Mets and is sent to the Brooklyn Cyclones, Henry must head back to New York,
back to the place where all his problems began–and where Henry might find a real reason to keep living, a reason that
may just cost him his life.
A Dangerous Man by Charlie Huston
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